Ase Brunborg Lie

About Ase Brunborg Lie

Through their work, Ase Brunborg Lie explores how to live and create in our ongoing ecological crisis/era with its related philosophical and ethical questions, and work for more equitable possible futures. They point out blind spots in social structures and propose alternatives to the human-exceptional. Central to their practice are site-specificity and cross-pollination, inspired by queer-feminist, post-colonial, scientific and fabulatory thinking and doing. 

Projects often involve others from creative and scientific fields and/or local communities. Lie works in various mediums, including performance, sound, text, multi-media installations, bio-art, online work, sculpture, video, film, photography and more.

Lie just finished the post-master program Of Public Interest Lab at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. They hold an MA in Scenography from the Norwegian Theatre Academy and a BA from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art. They live and work in Oslo, Norway.