Stephanie Quirola

About Stephanie Quirola

Stephanie Quirola works as a visual artist and choreographer directing experimental performative installations. Currently part of the two-year Educational Program at SOMA (PES) in Mexico City where she is researching on hybridity, shamans, rituals and symbiotic relationships amongst insects in hopes of finding a way to merge fiction and her pre-colonial ancestors to develop and choreograph fictionalized rituals and feed her ideas of what the year 3030 might be/feel/smell/sound like.

Her work includes multimedia installations and public interventions that address issues such as power structures, identity, non-productivity, contemporary culture and a multi-sensorial perception. She mainly conceives and creates spaces that are welcoming yet uncomfortable, in an attempt to provoke an active rather than passive exchange between the spectators and her work. She uses sculptural elements, music, dance and video. The five senses are a very important factor in her work.