11 November 2023

Flipchart #11: Luminous Reverberations

Flipchart #11: Luminous Reverberations

“Luminous Reverberations” is a visual spectacle and a multisensory journey that invites audiences to intimately engage with their surroundings. The interplay between projected imagery and soundscapes creates a symbiotic relationship that elevates the impact of the performances. Stephanie Castonguay will be converting light into audio making tactile projections using bioplastics. Chan Long Fung aka Lazarus delves deeply into observing and contemplating natural phenomena in life. Chen Yu-Jung will be presenting an interactive video and electronic performance reflecting on the 400 years of historical ties between Taiwan and The Netherlands.

Stephanie Castonguay

“Fueled by an insatiable curiosity for experimentation, my artistic journey explores sound matter through installation, performance, experimental electronic instrument making and composition. Rooted in materiality and process, I transform discarded machines into vessels of resonance, glitches and latent sonorities. By translating the nuances of the sensory world, my work seeks to unveil the hidden facets of our subtle environment, bridging the realms of perception and the imperceptible. My work has been presented at LAB30, Instruments Make Play/STEIM, MUTEK, Tsonami Sound Art Festival, Athens Digital Arts Festival, Musica Ex Machina, and Klangmanifeste, and was recently shown at FIMAV.”

“liminal.synthesis” delves into the materiality of light and sound, refining energy transduction to convert light into audible phenomena. Using custom-built electronic circuits, it captures light’s fluctuations as rhythmic sound patterns, enabling composition through light. This research orchestrates a transparent dialogue between light pulses and rhythmic beats, weaving them into an audiovisual performance[1] . Organic bioplastics introduce a tactile, symbolic layer to light projection, bridging technology and nature.


Chan Long Fung AKA Lazarus, is a new media artist who explores the intersections of science, technology, humanities, and art. Born in Hong Kong in 1996, he currently resides there. His works often blend various elements, including soundscapes, electronic devices, algorithmic art, data visualization, and generative art. Chan excels in transcending disciplinary limitations and engaging in interdisciplinary creation to integrate knowledge and ideas from diverse fields. Chan’s works delve deeply into observing and contemplating natural phenomena in life. His creative inspirations are rooted in a profound understanding of technology, sensitivity to nature, and passion for science. Chan creates art to pose questions and represent these themes.

Chen Yu-Jung

Now based in Tainan, Taiwan. CHEN Yu-Jung is a sound and intermedia artist. His artworks mainly focus on contemporary composition, experimental improvisation, and mixed media. Through the translation of sound narrative, his works induce the intermediary state of the human body in time and space. Currently, he focuses on the interaction of visual and sound associated with nature. Chen has held solo exhibitions and taken part in residency programs in Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Korea, and Taiwan in recent years. His works range widely from site-specific installations, sound, and interactive multimedia. In 2022, he received the Giga-Hertz Production Award from ZKM, Germany, Work of Merit in the category of Image and New Media of Nanying Award, and Next Art Tainan Award.

“Through images, sound, and installations, I intend to respond to the memories of Formosa during the 39-year rule of the Dutch East India Company 400 years ago. Based on the technologies of 3D point cloud scanning and audio transcriber for documents, which have been repetitively extracted and stored, I try to re-define the segments of history while reconstructing the space of historic sites and envisioning its future. I plan to continue to expand the materials generated through point clouds and AI calculations in Taiwan and use the concept of “relics” for this creation. Through the investigation and scanning of images and audio data in Taiwan and the Netherlands, they are re-transformed and combined with live improvisation instrumental performance and real-time videos for dialogue.”

11 November 2023
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The Hague