02 - 14 July 2023

Uncelestial vault-scaping and roof scraping

Uncelestial vault-scaping and roof scraping

If basements could hear, they could hardly ignore roof gossiping.
Therefore since ancient times bricks have stuck together to build privacy.

Like monumental accordions, buildings expand and contract at different rates becoming fabulous companions of our materialistic lives; Heat expands and cool reduces, materials may move slightly, sonorizing while rubbing against each other as lovers do.
Eventually, they’d contract and turn into some catchy pop

„too to too to too to to too.”

As they say, if walls could talk…
but our architectural past leaves no space for animism.
Moreover, buildings have no ears, everybody knows this.
they seem condemned to privacy.
Birds landing, wood scratching, door slamming plus the phantomatic presence carefully breaking the silence to remind us about building sonar exceptions and its usual silent state.
However, what aren’t the ceilings telling us?

no no no.

After all, if they weren’t so secretive there would be no point in studying their hidden rhythms.




02 - 14 July 2023