December 22, 2021

Hanging from Their Lips – Anna Vasof

During her residency at iii Anna Vasof created a new work titled ‘Hanging from their Lips’, an interactive installation where the audience is invited to climb a climbing wall. The climbing holds are modelled lips capturing different moments of speech which materialises a phrase that means to listen very closely, intently, or with obsequious attention to what someone is saying.

“My work is accessible in a universal way via its wit and mischief. It is grounded in genuine experimentation of the core mechanisms of motion and time based art. I go to the heart of every question and start from zero, reinventing core premises with my own perspective.”

Anna Vasof developed ‘Hanging from their Lips’ at the iii workspace in August and September 2021 and presented the outcome of her residency on October 1st.