July 7, 2023

iii residency award 2023

About the award

This year for the third time iii awards the iii Research Residency Award to a fresh graduate of the Royal Academy of Art. The winner is invited for a 4-week residency at iii workspace, which includes a fee of €2100 and a production budget of €1030.


Jan Zuiderveld


Ana Ascencio (Artistic Director, iMal, Brussels), Evelina Domnitch (Artist), Yannik Güldner (Curator).

Jury Report

The Graduation Show 2023 of the Royal Academy of Art The Hague offered us a plethora of beautiful, touching and thought provoking experiences. We had the pleasure of exploring the vibrant maze of the Academy for three days between June 30th and July 2nd. The jury was asked to select one graduating artist based on the following criteria: relevance to the field of Art, Science & Technology, originality of the artistic concept, quality of the execution, potential for further development via the residency program of iii. It was challenging to come to a decision amongst the many graduating artists worthy of support. For addressing current developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence with a combination of playfulness and technical excellence the jury selected Jan Zuiderveld. What appear as two ordinary appliances, a xerox photocopier and a coffee machine, are imbued with surprising new powers. The two machines presented in the exhibition show the potential of generative AI to be embodied in everyday devices, offering visitors an experience that is both fun and disturbing at the same time. We see great potential in the research of Jan Zuiderveld, we are curious to discover what other artistic applications of generative AI he will develop in the future.

The jury would also like to mention five additional artists that were shortlisted during the selection process: Aldo Brinkhoff, Christian Schwarz, Christine Hvidt, Nursinem Aslan, Myles Merckel.