April 29, 2021

iii Sensory Kit #1 – Tang

Wen Chin Fu
Sugar Instrument

Every material has its hidden sound. Sugar instrument ‘Tang‘ is a musical instrument made of an everyday product – sugar. You can eat sugar in different sugar stages, i.e, syrup ( soft-ball stage) , lollipop (hard-crack stage) and a candy apple (caramel stage). For Tang, you need the sugar at hard-crack stage which is around 130°C. Are you curious about what kinds of sounds you will discover through your Tang?  This kit will guide you through the process to discover the hidden sound in sugar. 

The content of the kits:
– 300 g of sugar
– a sugar beater
– a silicone mold
– one piece of ready made sugar instrument
– instructions: how to make your own sugar instrument 

On purchasing this kit you also have the option of signing up to the Sugar Instrument online workshop hosted by Rewire festival May 9th 13:00-14:00. In this workshop Wen Chin Fu will guide you in making and playing Tang together. This option is available only for orders received up to and including May 3rd (if ordering from abroad please consider longer postage times).

Developed by iii with financial support of the Creative Industries Fund NL, the Municipality of The Hague and the Performing Arts Fund NL and presented in collaboration with Laaktheater and Rewire Festival.