December 8, 2020


LineAV, Daan Johan & Joris Strijbos

Line-AV’ is an audio visual installation created by Daan Johan & Joris Strijbos. The Klankvorm commissioned installation ‘Line-AV’ as an evolution of Daan Johan’s original sound piece called ‘Line’.

In the piece 50 speakers and LEDs are addressed by using single mono signals. By using custom build circuitry the wave signal is split up and divided into different segments which are played by different speakers and LEDs in the system. The result is an immersive field of sound and stroboscopic lights which reveal the characteristics of the rudimentary light and sound system.

This video documents new works composed for Line-AV and was shot during: No Patent Pending #41 within the context of iii’s residency program. Artists in this video: Daan Johan, Joris Strijbos, Ji Youn Kang, Mint Park and Rotor.

Camera: Jorrit van Rij