June 27, 2023

Podcast – Cross Pollination: Machine Learning, Interfaces, & the Body

Happy summer everyone, we are back with a new episode of Cross Pollination! Chetana’s guests in this episode are Dave Murray-Rust, Myriam Bleau, and Nien-Tzu Weng who are all currently working on and finishing up residencies at iii.

We talk about their current projects and some previous ones, machine learning, agency, interfaces, using sound and light in different ways, and the pervasiveness of technology. Listen on to hear more about what it’s like to have a speaker in your mouth, whether it’s fair to say the machines really understand or learn, and if machine learning really feels like an optimisation not. This was a great conversation and we found so many overlaps between all of their work which allowed room for a lot of reflection. If any of the themes mentioned above spark your interest, make sure you give this episode a listen.