flickering red lights and dead batteries

Anna Lerchbaumer 2022

“I keep pressing record, but the battery symbol is flashing and the blinking red light goes out. While I record, the acoustic is transformed to electric energy and …out of battery.”

An installation that generates sound and plays with points in time, time spans and duration. It uses electricity as a performer and understands the physicality of infrastructure as a colorful material. Exploring the sites and displacement of energy, electrical or mechanical. Making it visible and audible. Colorful segments of cables, children´s toys and discarded plugs.

The immaterial illusion of modernity leaves us with many overlooked places, materials and noises. To perceive these hidden backgrounds of human lives, one must be aware of the planetary network and infrastructure that feeds them. The buzz of server landscapes, the hum of air conditioners as well as the piercing sounds of scrap presses dealing with the afterlife of our technological objects.