The burly word catches the erm

Composed of found language sourced from YouTube transcripts of influencer morning routines, lyrics from ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong, acts of private self-talk and inner speech, various motivational and affirmational phrases, and proverbs, Lydgalleriet presents The burly word catches the erm, an 8 channel synchronised video and sound installation by Samuel Brzeski.

A new multi-media multi-channel multi-tonal exhibition from Samuel Brzeski on making your early morning salutations, doing your breathing exercises, drinking your protein smoothie, singing to yourself in the shower, that nice feeling of the mouth in the shape of an O, that noise that you make when you want to show someone you are attentively listening to what they are saying, the bumbling mumbles, the meandering hums, and other verbal rehearsals. All of these vocalised elements of disposable language come together in four acts of a kind of operatic babble.

Supported by Kulturdirektoratet, Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond, Bergen Kommune and Bergen senter for elektronisk kunst. Curated by Julie Lillelien Porter for Oscillations – Exercises in Resilience.