Self-Sensory Instrument

Sól Ey 2021

During her residency at iii Sól Ey will develop a new work ‘The Self-Sensory Instrument’, a participatory sound installation that aims to create a physical and social sonic experience.

“For the self-sensory instrument I invite people to wear the instrument and take an active part in creating a musical performance. The instrument is an autonomous system consisting of microphones, speakers, and sensors that amplify and transform your movements into sound in real time. Moreover, the instrument emphasizes the physical perception of sound; the speakers sit tight on the body, so that the sound is experienced as tactile vibrations.

The development of this instrument is a part of an experiment of socio-spatial relationships with sound. I am curious about how different people will use it, react and play, and what kind of social situations this technology can possibly bring. There are no fixed rules – it is an open invitation to play with the instrument, act and react, and explore one’s own body through sound.”

iii’s residency program is made possible through the additional support of Creative Industries Fund NL. Sól Ey‘s residency is also supported by Rewire Festival