Vibrational Semantics


One of Lydgalleriet’s contributions to Oscillations, also as a consequence of the pandemic, is a mediation-based performative project titled Vibrational Semantics; examining the voice’s ability to shift between speech sound to noise and the relations between the speaking, breathing and performed voice. 

How do we understand the simultaneous physical and mental expressions that occur through only voicing? What happens when the performed voice is recorded, and relayed without a body?

Together with Samuel Brzeski we have asked artists and writers Lisa Busby, Daniella Cascella, Holly Pester, Cia Rinne and Marie Thams how the heard voice can be performed, transcribed, notated and inflected in the context of an exchangeable sonic art practice. For Vibrational semantics all of the commissioned parties are female or non-binary, addressing the history of rhetoric around sonic practices, historically dominated by a male and Euro-centric positioning. 

Photo: Excerpt from “Dear Ear” by Cia Rinne.