July 28, 2022

Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought, Davide Tidoni

Davide Tidoni presented NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT (2019) and Ultras Mashup as part of Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought. NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT is a series of videos which are karaoke interpretations of Dutch songs, transcribed and sung by non native speakers according to the phonetics of their native tongue. Additionally, at unscheduled times, Davide Tidoni performed Ultras Mashup, a series of performative interventions acting as intentional disturbances. NEIDERLANT OU NEIDERLANT was commissioned by Tetem in Enschede as part of the exhibition Should I Stay or Should I Go.

Videography: Tanja Busking Videography, Francesco Enriquez