August 10, 2022

Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought, Soyun Park & Wellsgoodness

The program of Proximity Music: Sensing After Thought featured a premiere of the audiovisual collaboration Fantasia Realism, connecting the methods adopted by the surrealist during the early 20th century to current research in machine learning. In Fantasia Realism a machine learning system trained on fictional stories such as fairy tales, horrors and thrillers is used to generate a composition of visual and sonic material which the two artists then manipulate live in a theatrical performance.

Fantasia Realism is created in collaboration with Mika Schalks and Luka Dortmans (Costume & Prop Design), Serena Kim (Florist) and Cailean Finn (Research Assistant), and is supported by Arts Council Korea.

Videography: Tanja Busking, Francesco Enriquez