January 10, 2022

When Sound Ends – Davide Tidoni

Davide Tidoni
16.11.2021 – 23.11.2021

This series of works explores themes of corporeality, in relation to sound production and audition, touch, and loss. The loudspeakers, microphones, enclosures, and membranes presented in this exhibition are in varying states of disrepair; most are no longer capable of producing sound and thus are poignant objects for meditation on impermanence, bodily frailty, and death. Each of these corpses bear visible marks of violence, traces of past collisions and other wounds which emphatetically encourage viewers to visualize this encounter and the consequential loss of capacity.

Davide Tidoni is an artist and researcher working with sound and listening. With a particular focus on direct experience, observation, and action, he creates live works of different formats that include performance, intervention, walk, and workshop. Bound to the performativity of the recording act, he realises videos and sound recordings which function as pieces and/or as documentation material.

Special thanks to: Marzia Dalfini, Josh Octaviani, Brian Shabaglian,
Time’s Up – Laboratory for the construction of experimental situations
(Tina, Stefan, Andreas), Potato Publishing, Maria Giovanna Cicciari,
Hans Ostapenko, Talia Mukmel, Clemens Mairhofer.