EJTECH /’eitech’/ is a polydisciplinary studio working with unstable media, experimental interfaces, electronic textile and augmented materials. Their work investigates sensorial and conceptual relationships between the self and its physical surroundings, aiming to create experiences that incite an individual and personal process to the participant. Textile, sound, light, and space are paramount elements in their practice. 

“Our aim is to create a space within a space, driven by vibrating matter resulting into sonorous phenomena, where the participants can deep dive into one-self, edging towards a situated and embodied experience. The material force of sound, and the materiality of textiles are key elements in our work, which during our residency we will further experiment with as both input and output. We are interested in setting up the conditions for corporeal hearing, alongside pushing towards the de-hierarchization of the senses, creating intangible tools for inner engineering as a technospiritual practice.”