November 18, 2020

EJTECH – Jegens & Tevens

Artists in residence EJTECH were interviewed by Cathleen Owens on Jegens & Tevens.

EJTECH are a Budapest-based experimental, polydisciplinary studio composed of Esteban de la Torre and Judit Eszter Kárpáti. Their work, which uses elements of textile, sound, light, and space, has been exhibited in galleries and institutions around the world. We got together at iii to discuss research interests, upcoming projects and past collaborations.

“Our focus has been on the relationship between new materiality, technology, and the human body. We investigate concepts such as resonance, vibration, space, time, and ephemerality as building blocks towards a coherent experience of the eternal now.”

“We define techno-spiritualism as the unearthing of a new spirituality that is intrinsically connected to a new materialism. As a civilization, we are taught that there is some distant deity that is watching remotely over us and that middlemen in between; a priest, a rabbi or a shaman are more closely connected to this deity. In reality, this divinity is contained in everything. Everything is right here within us, everywhere around us. Techno-spiritualism is inner engineering. When we are working with vibrating textiles, it’s not only the audio experience via the ear canal but also the corporal experience of sound.”

Read the full interview HERE