October 24, 2023

Breakfast discussion: Fair Practice in Digital Culture at Dutch Design Week

Location: Portiersloge, Eindhoven
Time: 10.00 – 11.00 uur 
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Starters from the field of digital culture are invited to take part in a panel discussion during the Dutch Design Week, organised by the Creative Industry Fund NL in collaboration with Platform ACCT. Established professionals and participants in the chain table on Digital Culture of the program fairPACCT will talk with the visitors of this breakfast session about the professional practice. Since May this year, the participants of the chain table are working together to create better working conditions in the field of new technologies, new media, games and the virtual domain in art and culture. During the panel discussion they will discuss with starters the challenges, chances and possibilities in the digital culture sector. New insights and perspectives from this session will contribute to the road that the chain table is paving to make the fair practice code more concrete.

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