07 May 2022

Flipchart #2: Resonating Bodies

Flipchart #2: Resonating Bodies

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Resonating bodies follows the idea, that everything that resonates; vibrations that can engage in a dialog. In this episode Flipchart links turbulence to natural sounds, while asking the question of what “natural” actually means. Through intimacy, water and a multitude of other means this evening searches for affect and resonance.

Stelios Manousakis
Tijs Ham
Gemma Luz Bosch
Albert Rask
Pedro Latas

Flipchart is an event series mixing lectures and performances, a cabinet of curiosities where transitions are fast but the pages are infinite. The series offers a stage for experiments in the field of Art, Science & Technology, where making meets thinking. Visitors are presented with a snapshot on the creative process of artists and researchers within and around iii’s community.

07 May 2022
iii Workspace
The Hague