Gemma Luz Bosch

About Gemma Luz Bosch

Gemma Luz Bosch is a pianist, composer and improviser.  In her performances she creates live soundscapes using her self-made ceramic instruments, musical objects and prepared piano pieces. She invites the audience to consider the relationship between sound and music by investigating and using sounds that aren’t normally used in music creation.

In her practice she aims to explore all possibilities of an instrument, using unconventional methods to produce a fuller range of sounds.

“Sound always requires movement to be produced. I want to shape that movement.

In my work I search for different ways to make the audience experience sound. The physical aspect of showing my work is very important; the vibrations of sound made by the instruments/installations enter directly into the ears of the audience. 

Without someone perceiving sound, is there sound or only vibrating air?

iii’s residency program is also made possible through the support of Creative Industries Fund NL