December 20, 2023

Full performance of Automatic Means of Human Labour

Hugo Morales Murguia and Nemø ensemble developed ‘Automatic Means of Human Labour’ at iii workspace throughout 2022. It explores mass production and automatised processes through the interaction and use of different kinds of modified machines.

Automatic Means of Human Labour for modified machines and 2 operators (2023)
Concept, music composition, instrument construction, modification and design by Hugo Morales Murguia
Performed by Nemø Ensemble at Gibanja Festival, Zagreb 2023

0’0” – 6’00” Labour 1
6’00” – 10’17” Labour 2 
10’17”-17’00” Labour 3
17’00”-26’40” Labour 4
26’40”-32’20” Labour 5
32’30”- 48’50” Labour 6

A production by iii in coproduction with Nemø Ensemble with support by the Nederlands Fondspodiumkunsten.