July 20, 2022

CrossPollination Episode 1: Kexin Hao & Hugo Morales Murguia

The first episode of the CrossPollination podcast hosted by Chetana Pai is now available for streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

In this first episode of CrossPollination, Chetana Pai spoke to Kexin Hao and Hugo Morales Murguia about the work they’ve been doing during their residencies at iii. Both of them have been creating around the ideas of human labour, movement and music but in very different ways. With her project ‘Future Dance of Nostalgia’, Kexin deals with the human body as an archive and translating labour into dance, and with his project ‘Automatic Modes of Human Labour’ Hugo explores using machines as instruments and performers as operators as a way to reflect on labour as an aesthetic action. Curious? Listen to find out more about their projects, inspiration, and ideas of labour, and rebellion in this podcast.