Kexin Hao

About Kexin Hao

Kexin Hao is a visual artist and designer born in Beijing and based in the Hague. She graduated with distinction in graphic design bachelor from Royal Academy of Art The Hague. Kexin’s practice is a marriage of graphic design and performance/public engaging art. Having initiated and been involved in various creative projects across China and Europe, Kexin challenges not only geometrical borders but also disciplines of design, film, performance, and music, as well as physical boundaries between art and non-art space. Using a daring visual language, the work is a constant swing between intimate close-up on personal stories and zoom-out to collective narratives; between a past of political heaviness and a flashy modernity rendered in humour and sarcasm. In her recent works, Kexin investigates the themes of body, rituals, health, collective memory, and retro-futurism.

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