September 18, 2021

Hans Beckers – Jegens & Tevens

iii artist in residence Hans Beckers was interviewed by Dinnis van Dijken on Jegens & Tevens.

Sound and music have always played an important role in human society. Even as contemporary technology has largely replaced stone percussion instruments, music is still as essential to life as it was in prehistoric times. Sound artist and performer Hans Beckers blurs the border between music and the visual arts. Currently, he has taken up residency at iii to work on his latest project titled La Floresta, which will be presented at the Rewire Festival this September. He has a Bachelor and Master Degree in Visual and Performance Art from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Ghent.

“We live in the 21st century, so of course, I use the technology that is available to me. The installations I create are a way to create an orchestra that allows me to start a dialogue with the materials that I use. To me, technology is serving the materials…”

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