La Floresta

Hans Beckers 2021

iii has commissioned a new work for Hans Beckers’ residency, ‘La Floresta’, which explores the focused experience of listening as a means to connect more deeply with ourselves and our environment.

As I live with my ear to the ground; ‘the act of listening’ is my key to find a deeper touch with reality. While sound is omnipresent, we don’t dwell on it. We rarely observe frequencies and vibrations as a map of our emotional and physical condition. As such its revealing messages radiate straight into the unconscious. I believe the focused act of listening can trigger self-realization and change in our lives. It sharpens our consciousness and creates a higher spatial and social sensitivity towards our environment and other creatures. 

I engage in a constant search on how to change the relationship between person and instrument. In this way normal objects and materials that are not considered fit to play music on can in fact become musical instruments. 

My sensory experiences in and my relation to nature is the starting point and inspiration for the sound instruments of ‘La Floresta’; in which I explore nature and technology as juxtaposition. How do we experience nature and sound and how do we relate to it in this globalized, technological era?
Music can transform one’s sense of time and space, it can take us into another world. My aim with this work is to bring an audience into a state of deep listening, in a trance-like state, and let them experience sound in its deep differentiations and intensities.

Hans Beckers will develop La Floresta at iii workspace during the course of 2021.

La Floresta is co-produced by iii together with ChampdAction

iii’s residency program is made possible through the additional support of Creative Industries Fund NL. Hans Becker’s residency is also supported by Rewire Festival