A Mosquito’s Dream

Vivian Caccuri 2021

During her residency at iii Vivian Caccuri will develop a new work ‘A Mosquito’s Dream’ exploring the often contentious relationship between humans and mosquitoes with the aim of creating a relatable and relevant dialogue between mosquitoes and us.

“While the world’s biodiversity declines with global warming, specific species are thriving. One of them is the mosquito, especially the ones found in tropical regions of the world. As an artist from Rio de Janeiro, it is impossible not to share my space with them literally all the time, and as a consequence, to feel their bites and also to hear them.

I have been researching mosquitoes for the last three years and it has come to my mind to question why we hate their sound so much. I get it, it means bites and diseases. But what happens if we don’t take those reasons for granted and scratch the surface of the obvious answers?

‘A Mosquito’s Dream’ is a step beyond my speculation of the reasons behind the hate for mosquito noise. In ‘Mosquito’s Dream’ one will be able to understand what they say through that erratic sound. Well, or at least an interpretation of their speech through sound patterns recognition and an adapted transcription to human language.”

Vivian Caccuri’s residency is in partnership with Festival Novas Frequencias in Brazil and Rewire Festival, iii’s residency program is made possible through the additional support of Creative Industries Fund NL