December 23, 2023

Jan Zuiderveld, Coffee Machine and Microwave

Jan Zuiderveld was the winner of the iii residency award after his graduation show in 2023, awarded for addressing current developments in the field of Artificial Intelligence with a combination of playfulness and technical excellence.

During his residency at iii, Zuiderveld further explored two household appliances: a coffee machine and a microwave, imbued with surprising new powers. The two machines show the potential of generative AI to be embodied in everyday devices. Through a humorous and critical lens, both appliances prompt us to reflect on the roles these items play in our lives and the broader implications of our efficiency-obsessed culture, offering a mirror to our intricate relationship with the technologies that both empower and constrain us.

Videography: Tanja Busking

The artist would like to thank Arthur Elsenaar, Matteo Marangoni en Martie Verweij for their help and advice.