Blake fruid

Samuel Brzeski 2022

The exhibition Blake fruid presents a multi-channel video and sound work, evoking the body of the vocalic chorus in relation to the swirl of text-based language. Various parallel and intersecting narratives unfold, presenting a figure of an unreliable or unstable narrator, a narrator who is always in motion. The weaving narrative treats language as raw material through the voice and through text, borrowing and reconfiguring language from a variety of sources, including YouTube instructional videos, online self-help forums, motivational status updates, linguistic textbooks, car maintenance manuals and cowboy song lyrics.

Samuel Brzeski’s current work deals with the situation of language within the post-digital context, particularly in relation to articulations of affect. His predominantly text-based projects search for the place and presence of the emotive body within the post-digital excess of language. This involves exploring the inherent malleability of language to create and/or question meaning, narrative and experience. Samuel is based in Bergen, Norway.