Judy Dunaway

About Judy Dunaway

Judy Dunaway is primarily known for her numerous works of latex balloons as sound producers, including sculptural sonic performances, sound installations, interactive pieces and acousmatic works. 

During her research residency at iii Judy will discuss disposal and/or recycling of 100% latex balloons with Dutch manufacturers, researchers and environmentalists in order to learn more about the topic. She then plans to create artworks from all the destroyed balloons from my residency. Up to 200 regular sized latex party balloons can be easily compressed and contained within a one liter jar. These artworks will include instructions on how to photo/bio-degrade the latex waste, essentially transforming a fixed sculpture into a temporal piece.

Judy will also re-focus her previous “Chamber Ensemble” installation to explore latex as a natural resource and possibilities for its re-use and proper disposal, including the concept of photodegradability. This will include 1) reworking “ReBa” to include an interactive conversation (with ReBa) about latex disposal and recycling, 2) reworking the “Balloon Release” sculpture as a contemplation on waste and limited natural resources (latex and helium) in which participants will be asked to make a monetary contribution to an environmental organization to offset their use of natural resources, 3) reworking “Stripes Too” to use less expensive and more energy-efficient projections (via pinhole projectors and/or iPhone projectors) with the piece itself focusing on the connection between sunlight and latex’s photodegradability.