20 September - 20 November 2022

5 sessions (single sessions also available)
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Art school may have taught you how to experiment, make, and critique, but if you recently graduated, you might be finding yourself at a loss when it comes to navigating the larger cultural sector. This is where the Artist Survival Guide comes in.

The Artist Survival Guide is a workshop series by iii members covering entrepreneurial survival skills such as grant writing, budgeting, negotiating with curators, and promoting your work. The workshop is aimed at recent, soon-to-be art school graduates and working artists looking to further professionalise their practice.


20 September – Cultural Entrepreneurship with Matteo Marangoni
4 October – Budgeting for a Sustainable Practice with Marije Baalman
11 October – Project Management and Fundraising with Matteo Marangoni
8 November – Social Media and Promotional Writing with Soyun Park
22 November – Production and Standard Contracts with Dieter Vandoren

About the workshops

Cultural Entrepreneurship
A good introduction to the whole course, covering entrepreneurial skills and considerations needed to be a freelance artist. Matteo will be going through subjects such as fair practice, how to weigh risk vs reward with each opportunity, how to negotiate fair fees and treatment when working with others, how to use resources efficiently, make clear agreements, and how to distribute your time and energy wisely between all the roles you need to occupy as a freelancer.

Budgeting for a Sustainable Practice
Marije will guide you through how to make a personal budget as a working artist, and how to create a realistic project budget.

Project Management and Fundraising
Matteo will take you through the different phases of making a project happen, from planning, securing funding, connecting to stakeholders, to presentation. This workshop also goes through how to make your project relevant to the public and society.

Social Media Strategies
Soyun will share strategies on how to use Instagram and LinkedIn to reach clients, followers, and collaborators. Through exercises, learn how to edit your profile, how to create content from your portfolio, how to navigate the ethics of social media, and how to reach the audience you’re looking for. Suitable for both visual and sound-based artists.

Production and Standard Contracts
In this workshop, Dieter will outline the practical details of a presentation in different settings (theater, gallery, museum, festival), from negotiating contracts to writing tech riders.

About the facilitators

Matteo Marangoni is an artist, curator, and chairman of iii. Within iii he coordinates the activities of the organization, fundraises, and curates No Patent Pending.

Marije Baalman is an artist, researcher/developer, and treasure of iii. She creates sustainable budgets for iii, makes sure that everyone is paid fairly, and is developing fair payment practices for iii.

Soyun Park is a media artist and designer from South Korea. She is also founder of an audio-visual community studio, RGBdog.

Dieter Vandoren is an artist, performer, IT developer, and associate of the rental and production company Squat Deluxe Rotterdam.

Artist Survival Guide is presented by iii with financial support from Creative Industries Fund NL and The Municipality of The Hague.

20 September - 20 November 2022
iii Workspace
The Hague