Lukas De Clerck

Airbag/14Holes is a hybrid sound sculpture between a bagpipe, an organ, and a children’s toy. 

Central in the work is the Recorder Flute Asylum, a nomadic group of abandoned recorder flutes, never played again after a forced musical exploration during adolescence. 

As part of the project, there will be a collection campaign to find abandoned recorder flute in and around Linz, becoming the Linz Recorder Flute Asylum. Airbag/14Holes will provide air to this group of flutes. The emerging sound reminds us of a dysfunctional organ. A heavy, continuous interaction between the flutes, finally having a voice after a long period of silence. 

During the project presentation at bb15, Lukas De Clerck will use Airbag/14Holes as his instrument by manipulating the air flows.