Talking to Viruses

Pei-Ying Lin 2021
During her residency at iii, Pei-Ying Lin will be exploring the performative and healing elements of connecting the micro-mechanisms of RNA translations (protein production) with the macro-mechanisms of knitting. “It is an attempt to ‘design’ a ritual that enables humans to ‘talk’ to viruses in short. In depth, it is an art, science, and design research for a human initiative towards viruses through inventing new perceptual interactions, physical movements, and wearable induced embodiments in the format of a ritual/performance. It is the aim that this ritual will enable humans to initiate active (but safe) contact with viruses and through the guidance of the ritual to reach a status that we feel comfortable to express our emotional responses towards these invisible viral entities.” iii’s residency program is made possible through the support of Creative Industries Fund NL and the Creative Europe program of the European Union.